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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to build a virtual copy of your business and then “play” with it to see what would happen if you made changes. Well you can – at least in a financial sense.
Using our powerful business modeling software it is possible to create a financial model of your business. We use your historical or budgeted data and set up how each aspect of the accounts interact with each other to produce projected a Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and, most importantly, Cash Flow projections.
When the model is built and reviewed, to ensure it is an accurate representation of your business, we can then undertake
  • Sensitivity analysis – such as what would a 10% reduction in sales do?
  • Breakeven analysis – what level of sales needs to be achieved before any profit is made - an essential number to know for business planning.
  • Explore funding options - would Invoice Discounting or Factoring be helpful for the business?
  • How would the different methods of funding the purchase of new equipment affect cash flow?
  • “What if” analysis – explore any changes to the business and check the impact on profitability and cash flow. What happens if you stop selling one product? What happens if you increase production capacity? What happens if you offer customers a volume discount? We can run as many scenarios as you have business ideas. Then, when you find the one you like that gives you a great result, the model becomes the basis for your targets and budgets.