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Inheritance tax is a personal taxation issue which can be mitigated if planned for carefully. It is ultimately in the best interests of anyone with dependents to protect them by limiting the tax burden on the available estate following death. Whilst this can often be a sensitive area it is one which can deliver significant benefits if addressed in advance.
We are sensitive to the highly personal nature of inheritance tax planning and happy to help guide you through the range of possibilities which can be used to protect your estate.
Exit Planning
We can help you build your business but at some point you may want to provide an exit to benefit from years of industry. Exit planning needs to be taken very seriously in order to maximise the benefits of your efforts. There are many ways to limit taxation on company sale.
By working with you to plan an exit strategy well in advance we can ensure that all the opportunities are identified and an appropriate plan employed to deliver maximum benefit.
It is the dread of most businesses and private individuals but with increasing levels of HM Revenue & Customs scrutiny, tax investigations are becoming more frequent. If approached by the HM Revenue & Customs regarding an investigation, we can advise on the most effective strategy whilst handling all correspondence and managing the process so you don’t have to.
Our years of experience mean we can advise quickly on any immediate risks and work out the right approach to mitigate any outstanding liabilities