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Restaurant & Hospitality
Specialist accountants to the restaurant and hospitality industry, Ashford Louis provides a full 'Menu' of cost-effective accountancy services.
We work with Michelin-starred restaurants, fine dining restaurants, themed restaurant groups, franchises, individual bistros, gastro pubs, bars and pop-ups.
As well as taking full responsibility of your day-to-day accounting function, we act as your 'trusted adviser', providing guidance and support on operations, tips and TRONCS, financing, margins and opportunities.
Running a successful restaurant takes rather more than providing great food, fine wine, the right ambiance and that certain indefinable ‘something’. While those aspects are fundamental, it is also crucial to seek professional advice from a specialist restaurant accountant on a number of other financial issues that could make the difference between success and failure.
It is, for example, vital to establish proper control over the usage of food and more particularly your bar. This is key to ensuring that your cost in relation to your selling price delivers a healthy profit. Another potential pitfall is identifying what your margins should be and knowing how to staff your restaurant correctly. Then of course there’s the prickly subject of how to handle service charges, deciding whether to operate a tronc and if so, designing it so as not to fall foul of HM Revenue & Customs’ rules.
Get the structures in place and we will shape your financial success. And after all, who wants a restaurant that’s full every night but doesn’t deliver a profit?